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agent k of the dork brigade
Indiana, United States
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a fine frenzy, agents of shield, amy/sheldon, astronomy, barack obama, beatles, burn gorman, calvin & hobbes, charles bukowski, charlie day, chicago cubs, clark gregg, colin hanks, conan, daria, dave matthews band, deforest kelley, easy a, edward hopper, emma stone, firefly, fleetwood mac, grauman's chinese theater, harry/ginny, indiana, iron man, jake gyllenhaal, jasper johns, jimmy stewart, john cusack, kill bill, leonard nimoy, lighthouses, m*a*s*h, mackinac bridge, martin luther king, morgan freeman, mst3k, new york city, nicholas hoult, origami, pacific rim, parasailing, pride & prejudice, reading, rear window, ron/hermione, samuel l. jackson, say anything, simon & garfunkel, simon/kaylee, spock/mccoy, sports night, star trek: tos, superheroes, the avengers, the big bang theory, the cutting edge, the soup, thor, up, vincent van gogh, warm bodies, william faulkner, william shakespeare, writing, yin yangs, zoe/wash

portrait of a hoosier

girl, who goes by the name of kelli (but will also answer to her majesty), and is a virgo who is 28 years young. from the great state of indiana! major book reader, and writer of pretty much everything - originals, poetry, fanfics. absolutely loves movies. desires very much to visit new mexico, alaska, & new york city. a bit insane, very sarcastic, but idealistic at heart. promotes the insidious liberal agenda. major fan of the chicago cubs. a huge astronomy nerd, mstie, history buff, and trekkie. so in a word? major dork. (okay, two words.)

fangirl partner-in-crime and co-ruler of the universe with comically_so, over at our fanfic community, earthvsoup!

movies i adore

say anything. the cutting edge. warm bodies. back to the future. pacific rim. the avengers. when harry met sally. sleepless in seattle. field of dreams. thor. serendipity. national treasure. kill bill. it's a wonderful life. star trek IV: the voyage home. pride & prejudice. rear window. iron man. the holiday. while you were sleeping. pulp fiction. up. star trek VI: the undiscovered country. easy a. ed wood. ghostbusters. indiana jones and the last crusade.

tv shows i love

the big bang theory. agents of shield. m*a*s*h. cheers. mystery science theater 3000. star trek: the original series. firefly. friends. the daily show. the colbert report. sports night. it's always sunny in philadelphia. conan. daria. law & order. the soup. scrubs. boston legal.

ships i sail

spock/mccoy. newton/hermann. amy/sheldon. fitz/simmons. ron/hermione. harry/ginny. neville/luna. daria/trent. hawkeye/margaret. tony/bruce. clint/natasha. zoe/wash. simon/kaylee. scotty/uhura.

favorite celebs & other people

actors: john cusack. tom hanks. morgan freeman. jimmy stewart. leonard nimoy. reese witherspoon. samuel l. jackson. don cheadle. sally field. denzel washington. colin hanks. amy adams. jake gyllenhaal. emma stone. jack black. kate winslet.

influential figures: vincent van gogh. carl jung. edward hopper. william shakespeare. martin luther king, jr. william faulkner. mohandas gandhi. albert einstein. jasper johns.

my private radio

fleetwood mac. a fine frenzy. chicago. dave matthews band. simon & garfunkel. the beatles. elton john. billy joel. foo fighters. bruce springsteen. the eagles. james taylor. phil collins. journey.

my toy box

lilies. orchids. lighthouses. the love sculpture. yin yangs. calvin & hobbes. grauman's chinese theatre. chess. mackinac bridge. parasailing. cocktail glasses. empire state building. origami. the solar system. the space needle. dangly earrings. wrigley field. paperclips. nail polish.

points of interest

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