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Wow, this Friends Only entry is seventeen years old now! (Rest assured, even though this is dated in the past, I'm still faithfully journaling in 2021, LOL.) So I figured it was time to update some of this information again.

Well, I'm certain you know how this works. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ASKING TO FRIEND ME! Especially if we just recently met. Or if we're already friends from elsewhere, just drop a quick line to let me know you're adding me. ;)

My paths cross with cool people in all sorts of ways - if we have a mutual fandom, if we're already pals on Twitter, if you're a friend of a friend here on LiveJournal, if you write great fic, or any combination of these. And I assume at least one of those is how you found me, too. \o/ It's a joy to have you aboard! Enjoy your stay here at my journal. It's gonna be crazy. xD

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