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FRIENDS ONLY. [Apr. 21st, 2004|03:27 pm]
agent k of the dork brigade

Wow, this Friends Only entry is fifteen years old now! (Rest assured, even though this is dated in the past, I'm still faithfully journaling in 2019, LOL.) So I figured it was time to update some of this information again.

Well, I'm certain you know how this works. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ASKING TO FRIEND ME! Especially if we just recently met. Or if we're already friends from elsewhere, just drop a quick line to let me know you're adding me. ;)

My paths cross with cool people in all sorts of ways - if we have a mutual fandom, if we're already pals on Twitter, if you're a friend of a friend here on LiveJournal, if you write great fic, or any combination of these. And I assume at least one of those is how you found me, too. \o/ It's a joy to have you aboard! Enjoy your stay here at my journal. It's gonna be crazy. xD

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